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Kahi singing “Dying ain’t so bad” at Bonnie and Clyde press conference

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Kahi At “Bonnie And Clyde” Musical - Part 2

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140416 Park Hyungsik & Kahi @ Musical Bonnie & Clyde 2014 Press Conference  

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Kahi At “Bonnie And Clyde” Musical

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Kahi in Bonnie and Clyde the Musical

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20140415 kahi’s instagram update

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kahi on playgirlz school

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Bonnie from the musical “Bonnie and Clyde” is a woman who is poignant, direct, and ready for adventure. Leaving her day job or being a waitress, Bonnie chose a life of riches and glory, albeit tragic and short-lived.

Perhaps Kahi does overlap Bonnie in many ways. Kahi was cast for the female protagonist role, Bonnie, for the musical Bonnie and Clyde. As a solo female artist, taking off her clothes and showing skin could have catapulted her into popularity, but she chose to cover herself up even more. Her direct and unwavering resolve starkly resolves that of Bonnie.

On her first appearance in a musical, Kahi said, “I was actually in a production last year, but the production came to a halt for undisclosed reasons. I’m glad I got the part because I actually auditioned for the role. I love acting. I hope to do more of it in the future, whether on TV dramas or in the movies.”

She continued, “I’m glad I got the role of Bonnie. Bonnie is a passionate, one-track minded woman. She followed blindly into the deep end, but I bet she was happy while her journey lasted. It reminded a bit of me. I only had one desire ever since I was little – to be a singer. I’ve fulfilled that dream, but I’ve acquired a broader love for the performing arts and want to pursue it with a burning passion.”

When asked about the difference between musical singing and singing on stage as an artist, Kahi replied, “There is a difference in vocal projection methods, and I’m trying my hardest to sing as loudly and clearly as them.”

She continued, “More than the singing, however, the frequent kiss scenes were what really scared me. I’ve never kissed anyone on stage or while acting, for that matter. I’m practicing for that, too.”

When asked about what her overall musical experience was like, she replied, “Performing in a musical has taught me about posture and naturalism in acting. I’ve been approaching it with a sense of responsibility, especially since my face is now on the production posters. It’s really different from my After School days when our performance was a product of our concept. Each member only played a small role, and we were able to help each other out. On a musical stage, you are on your own. You need to make sure you are doing everything alright, because no one can reach out and help you. Stage placement and character movements are some things that I think are important to be a skilled on-stage actor, so I pay special attention to it.”

When asked about her life outside of After School, Kahi stated that it was kind of like leaving one’s parents after college. She said, “I felt both happy and sad, as cliche as that sounds. I was happy that my solo career would begin, but I was also sad and a little scared that I will not have the intimate support of my group mates.”

She continued, “Preparing for my solo album was actually a very long process. We debated between a sexy, show-girl like concept and a kind of sexy that is uniquely me. We decided to go with the latter ultimately. I didn’t want to dance sexily or be scantily-clad for attention. Instead, I went the other direction with long pants and sleeve-less T-shirts. I didn’t care to take my clothes off for attention, although perhaps if I went that way, my album would be a bigger success. I was actually happier this way, however, because people’s comments acknowledged me, saying, ‘Only Kahi can pull this off’.”

Lastly, she was asked about her fitness, to which she answered, “I feel as though many people lose confidence in themselves without a good figure. I tell myself every day that I can and should believe in myself, and I feel that doing that very thing that gives me confidence is a good motivation. However, I don’t work for a six-pack. I have a really high metabolism that is helped by constant musical practices.”

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