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20140830 kahi’s instagram update

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you see these girls? they’re more hard working than most groups out there. they surpass the normal means of being an idol by attacking fields no one does. they’re aren’t just your typical pretty girl group. back in 2010, they took 8 months off to learn how to play the drums and surely they didn’t disappoint as they were as impressive as ever. the following year, they learned how to tap dance and this time they even got praised by professional tap dance, joseph wiggan. in 2013, they tackled pole dancing, and it was beyond this world. they worked so hard for it that they ended up receiving bruises and in the mv they used tattoos to cover up those bruises that didn’t heal in time. they work so hard and push each other beyond limits to please their fans. they never disappoint and always bring something new to the table and something impressive, of course. well, what i know for sure is i will always be there supporting and cheering them on till whenever because they mean the world to me and more. ♡

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20140822 kahi’s instagram update

20140822 kahi’s instagram update

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I        T       ’       S          M        E      .
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